Naseem, founder of Awakening As Woman, has been walking a path of Truth, honouring all that is sacred since her early years. As a devoted student of Life, lover of land, carrier of the ancient traditions, she spends her days on a small island in Denmark living her passion through bringing Radical Love to all corners of life.  Originally from a background of meditation, yoga, and Tantra and having studied many traditions, indigenous cultures and travelled far and wide, she now focuses on birthing the radical way of human maturation through communing the personal and transpersonal as a silent embodiment of Compassion living and breathing into existence. Her own healing and maturation process has laid the foundation for her current sharing on Awakening as Woman, Embodied Yoga & Movement, Sacred Intimacy, Conscious Relating, Womb Awakening, Living Rest, Embodiment and Ancestral/Shadow/Trauma/Grief work.