Molly Goodman is a Plus Size Body Image Coach dedicated to helping women increase self-esteem, ditch diets, and embrace their curves. She is the creator of Body Love Creative Club, a small group program that combines art journaling and body acceptance work. She also coaches women 1:1 in her signature 6 month program, The Body Freedom Framework. Not too long ago, Molly was just another plus size gal on the diet hamster wheel, hating her body and trying to shrink it, only to gain back more weight than when she started and struggling to understand who she was beyond a number on the scale. In 2019, when her relationship was on the line and she was feeling worse than ever, she embarked on a journey of self-worth, self-trust, and self-care and has never looked back! Her work is rooted in teaching other women to eat and exist without guilt, find true peace in their bodies, and make their dreams a reality.

“Once I stopped trying to make my body smaller, my life got so much bigger!” – Molly Goodman